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Aluminum Nitride Crucible
Square High Thermal Conductivity AlN Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Crucible Square High Thermal Conductivity AlN Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Crucible Square High Thermal Conductivity AlN Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Crucible Square High Thermal Conductivity AlN Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Crucible Square High Thermal Conductivity AlN Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Crucible

Square High Thermal Conductivity AlN Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Crucible

Square aluminum nitride ceramic crucible can be better applied in chemical experiments,it is known for its high thermal conductivity and remarkable electrical insulation properties.Available in a variety of sizes.
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  • Material : Aluminum Nitride

  • Shape : Square

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Square High Thermal Conductivity AlN Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Crucible

Square Aluminum Nitride Crucible Advantages:

1. High Temperature Stability: Square aluminum nitride crucible can endure high temperatures, making them ideal for melting and heat processing applications.

2. Chemical Resistance: It is highly resistant to chemical corrosion. This means it can withstand the harsh chemicals often used in metal and ceramic manufacturing environments.

3. Thermal Conductivity: Excellent thermal conductor, which helps in the equal distribution of heat during the manufacturing process. This ensures that the material inside the crucible is uniformly melted or heat-treated.

4. Low Density: It has a low density, making them lightweight and easy to handle. This property helps reduce the risk of cracking and breaking during usage.

5. Longevity and Reusability: Very durable and can be used repeatedly. This reduces the need for frequent replacements, which in turn lowers manufacturing costs.

Square Aluminum Nitride Crucible Description:

1. Square aluminum nitride crucible is a durable and robust container used in the industrial and research sectors.

2. It is popular for its excellent thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, and resistance to chemical damage.

3. Ideal for applications that require high-temperature stability and uniformity, such as crystal growth and sintering processes.

4. It can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to meet specific manufacturing needs.

Usage of Aluminum Nitride Crucibles: 

1.Aluminum nitride ceramics will react chemically with inorganic acids and strong bases, water and other liquids and slowly dissolve with them, so it cannot be directly immersed in such substances for use. But aluminum nitride can resist the corrosion of most molten salts, including chlorides and cryolite(Na3AlF6).

2.Due to the aluminum nitride crucible has small bottom, it usually needs to be placed on a clay triangle when heated, and cannot be directly contacted with metal or wooden bearing after strong heating. It cannot be cooled suddenly after heating, and needs to be cooled naturally on the clay triangle, or gradually cooled on the asbestos gauze, and finally taken out with a crucible tong.

3.Stirring the substance until nearly evaporated, then turn off the heat, and steam it with the remaining heat.

Square Aluminum Nitride Crucible Size details: 

Square Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Crucible
Item NO.
Purity coefficient of thermal conductivity
CS-AIN-AS001 20-200 20-200 10-100 3-10 99% 170-220W/m.k
CS-AIN-AS002 30 20 14 4 99% 170W/m.k
CS-AIN-AS003 50 35 15 6 99% 170W/m.k
CS-AIN-AS004 75 25 30 5 99% 170W/m.k
CS-AIN-AS005 100 60 40 6 99% 170W/m.k
CS-AIN-AS006 150 100 40 8 99% 170W/m.k
CS-AIN-AS007 180 180 50 7 99% 170W/m.k

OEM/ODM is acceptable. Your goods will be produced exactly according to your drawings or inquiry


Material Properties of AIN Ceramic
Property Sort Characteristic Unit Property Index
AN170 AN200 AN220
Basic Property Color - Grey Grey Beige
Water absorption % 0 0 0
Volume density g/cm3 ≥3.30 ≥3.30 ≥3.26
Surface roughness um 0.1~0.6 0.1~0.6 0.1~0.6
Camber (length ‰) ≤2‰ ≤2‰ ≤2‰
Thermal Property Thermal conductivity (20) W/m.k ≥170 ≥200 ≥220
Coefficient of thermal expansion (20~300) (*10-6/) 4.6 4.6 4.5
(40~800) 5.2 5.2 5.2
Mechanical Property Bending strength MPa ≥450 ≥300 ≥200
Modulus strength GPa 320 310 310
Moh's hardness - 8 8 8
Electrical Property Dielectric strengh KV/mm ≥17 ≥16 ≥15
Volume resistivity Ω.cm ≥1014 ≥1014 ≥1013
Dielectric constant - 9 8.6 8.5
Dielectric loss *10-4 2.98 2 2

Square Aluminum Nitride Crucible Applications:

1. Square aluminum nitride crucibles can be used in the production of semiconductors.

2. The high thermal conductivity and resistance to chemical and thermal shock of the aluminum nitride crucible make it a good option for chemical synthesis.

3. It can be used in sample preparation for microscopy, particularly in electron microscopy where a high vacuum and high temperature environment is required.

4. It is commonly used in crystal growing applications.

5. The high thermal conductivity and stability of the aluminum nitride crucible can be used for thermal analysis, which is the study of the thermal behavior of materials.


Q1. What information should we supply to get a quote?

Please offer the specification of aluminum nitride crucible, such as shape, dimension, quantity, application etc.

Q2. Can the aluminum nitride crucible withstand acids and alkalis?

A: Yes, the aluminum nitride crucible can withstand acids and alkalis due to its high chemical resistance.

Q3. What are the common applications of the aluminum nitride crucible?

The aluminum nitride crucible is commonly used in the semiconductor industry for crystal growth, as well as in the production of optical fibers, ceramic materials, and metals. It is also used for high-temperature reactions and materials testing.

Q4. What is the lead time for the aluminum nitride crucible?

The lead time is dependent on the size and quantity required. Please contact us for more infor.

How to clean aluminum nitride crucible:

1. When handling crucibles, protective gloves and glasses should be worn.

2. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any residue from the crucible.

3. Add warm water and mild detergent to the crucible.

4. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub the crucible and remove any stubborn residue.

5. Clean the crucible with water.

Quality testing standards:

1. Visual inspection of the crucible for any signs of damage or irregularities.

2. Measurement of the length, width, and thickness of the crucible to check for accuracy.
3. Checking for any leaks or pinhole defects in the crucible.
4. Verification of the material and chemical composition of the crucible.

Packing way:

Production Process:

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