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CS CERAMIC CO.,LTD founded in 1974, which is a manufacturer for the Laboratory analysis ceramic  consumablesIndustrial High temperature resistant ceramic .  Include Precision Alumina Ceramic |Thermal analysis crucible|(C/S,ONH,TGA)Elemental Analyzer ceramic consumables| Gold melting crucible | Fire assay crucibles & cuples | Laboratory porcelain ware | Zirconia crucibles |Platinum crucibles.

CS CERAMIC goods suit for :

Laboratory,Mining,Steel,Metal,Chemical,Pharmaceutical,Energy,Casting,Petroleum,Mechanical industry,University,Textile Machinery,Materials test,High temperature furnace.

CS CERAMIC clients include :SGS ,Bruker, 3M,UL ,MIT,NTU (see more )

Business scope

DSC Sample pans/Thermal analysis crucible:

CS CERAMIC is the first manufacturer researches 200+kinds of DSC/TGA sample pans for thermal analyzer .

Products are widely used in Thermal Analysis laboratory,Chemical analysis laboratory,Pharmaceutical company,Energy analysis laboratory,Food analysis laboratory,Materials measurement lab,environmental laboratory and so on .

CS CERAMIC CO.,LTD supply DSC Consumables suit for following company's instrument :


Alumina ceramic :

CS CERAMIC CO.,LTD keep  8000+ kinds of alumina & zirconia ceramic part molds in Stock.The alumina ceramic products are providing service for ceramic industry , petroleum industry , casting industry , steel industry , mining industry power industry , petrol chemical industry and chemical industry.

Include alumina & zirconia tube&rods/alumina & zirconia crucibles/alumina & zirconia industrial cermaic parts/alumina & zirconia mechanical insulating/alumina & zirconia wear plate

(C/S,ONH,TGA)Elemental Analyzer ceramic consumables :

CS CERAMIC CO.,LTD has 40 years of production history for carbon and sulfur analyzer crucibles ,products quality has been affirmed by many universities and research institution,Mining metal laboratory ,Material testing laboratory .

Cs ceramic co.,ltd supply (Carbon / Hydrogen / Sulfur analysis,Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen analysis,Thermogravimetric analysis) Elemental Analyzer ceramic consumables for following company's instrument:


Gold melting crucibles :

CS CERAMIC'S fire assay crucibles and magnesia Cupel refractory products are used in laboratories throughout international marketplace. We have a variety of shapes and sizes available to cater to specifications required.

We have very professional production workshop to ensure delivery time and quality of goods.

ISO9001-2000 Stander and Patents

CS Ceramic CO.,LTD  is only standard maker for carbon-sulfur crucible in China ,has many patents of crucibles .ALL of the items according the ISO9001-2000 stander.(see details )

Senior technician

Zuowei Wen, an senior technician, with a team of experienced researchers developed the carbon-sulfuric crucible, the free-carbon crucible in 1978 which in later years earned them numerous fame and awards.

CS Ceramic CO.,LTD  has a team of outstanding technicians who are experienced in product development and manufacture, so the most effective output is never a problem for us. The products we provide include carbon-sulfuric analysis crucible, sulfur-detection crucible, vessle-shaped crucible, all of which are stably-formed, non-crack, non-leak, acid-resistant, base-resistant, heat-resistant and are popular with users.


CS Ceramic CO.,LTD has always been trying its best to provide the best products and they have made remarkable achievements throughout all these years. Not only have we served the domestic market with the most reliable products but also exported quite a few series of them to other countries and regions across the globe. Typical clients we have are from Western Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Business relationship

CS Ceramic CO.,LTD serve every customer whole-heartedly and we believe that technology innovation is the most important factor that keeps us as a leader in the competition. CS Ceramics has developed varieties of products with irregular shape and special requirement, which have been substituted for metal and nonmetal material very well in mechanical equipment, textile and scientific research field. Especially for various small components with complex shape, CS Ceramics can provide products without order quantity limit, which is very flexible and convenient for clients, and date of delivery is much shorter than other competitors.

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CS Ceramic CO.,LTD look forward to establishing a business relationship with you, and we promise that what we make will never disappoint you.

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