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Alumina Ceramic Substrate Sheet/Plate Alumina Ceramic Substrate Sheet/Plate Alumina Ceramic Substrate Sheet/Plate Alumina Ceramic Substrate Sheet/Plate Alumina Ceramic Substrate Sheet/Plate

Alumina Ceramic Substrate Sheet/Plate

Alumina Ceramic Substrate Sheet is an ideal choice for applications requiring high performance, reliability, and durability. It is available in various sizes and thicknesses to suit different applications.

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      99.5% 99.7% 99%

    • Material : Alumina ceramic

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Alumina Ceramic Substrate Sheet/Plate


1. High temperature resistance: They can withstand temperatures up to 1600℃ in long use(Al2O3≥99%).

2. High electrical insulation: Alumina ceramic substrates have a dielectric constant of 10 and can be used as an insulator for high voltage applications.

3. Low thermal expansion: They have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, making it suitable for applications that require a consistent temperature.

4. Chemical resistance: Highly resistant to corrosion, acids, alkalis, and solvents.

5. High mechanical strength: Highly resistant to mechanical shock and vibration, making it suitable for use in dynamic environments.

6. Low cost: Relatively low cost compared to other materials with similar properties.


1. Alumina ceramic substrates are an extremely durable and reliable material used in a variety of technologies and applications. 

2. They are composed of aluminum oxide, which is a stable material with excellent electrical insulation and thermal conductivity properties.

3. Alumina ceramic substrates are ideal for high-heat applications and are often used in advanced electronics and semiconductor packaging. 

4. They are also lightweight and easy to work with, making them a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

Size details

Alumina Ceramic Substrate stock size
Item NO.
Item NO.
Item NO.
Item NO.
Item NO.
CS-J-1 10*2,4*2 CS-J-36 17*22*1 H3.7 CS-J-71 20*25*2 H3.8 CS-J-106 24*104*1 CS-J-141 35*35*20
CS-J-2 10*2.4*1.5 CS-J-37 17*22*0.6 H3.7 CS-J-72 20*28*0.6 CS-J-107 25*34*0.6 CS-J-142 38.5*41*1
CS-J-3 10*15*0.6 H4 CS-J-38 17*22*0.6 CS-J-73 20*28*2 CS-J-108 25*40*1 CS-J-143 39*91*0.6
CS-J-4 10*16*1.5 H3.5 CS-J-39 17*22*1.5 CS-J-74 20*31.85*1 H3.85 CS-J-109 25*40*0.6 CS-J-144 40*30*1 H3.5
CS-J-5 10*20*1.6 CS-J-40 17*22*1 CS-J-75 20*32.1*1 H3.85 CS-J-110 25*110*0.6 CS-J-145 40*56*1
CS-J-6 10*16*6 CS-J-41 17*37.1*1 CS-J-76 20*35*1 CS-J-111 26*30*1 H3.2 CS-J-146 40*43*0.6
CS-J-7 10*10*2 CS-J-42 17*25*1 CS-J-77 21.5*34.5*1.5 H3.5 CS-J-112 26*31*1 H3.5 CS-J-147 40*105*0.635
CS-J-8 10*14*2 CS-J-43 17.8*26*1 H3 CS-J-78 21*28*0.6 CS-J-113 26*35*1 CS-J-148 40*140*0.6
CS-J-9 10.4*18*1 H3.8 CS-J-44 17.8*21.5*1.5 H3.5 CS-J-79 21*28*0.8 CS-J-114 27*60*0.6 CS-J-149 40*150*1
CS-J-10 10.6*17*1 H3.8 CS-J-45 18*19*1.5 CS-J-80 21*28*1 CS-J-115 27*90*0.6 CS-J-150 40*260*1
CS-J-11 11*11*1 CS-J-46 18*23*2 H3 CS-J-81 21.8*30*1 H3 CS-J-116 27*48*1 H5 CS-J-151 44*16*1
CS-J-12 11*17*1 CS-J-47 18*24*0.6 CS-J-82 21.8*30*0.6 H3 CS-J-117 27.5*4.2*2.5 CS-J-152 44*28*0.6 H6
CS-J-13 11*7*1.5 CS-J-48 18*25.3*1.3 H3.2 CS-J-83 21.8*30*1 CS-J-118 28*40*1 CS-J-153 50*50*1
CS-J-14 11*18*1-H4 CS-J-49 18*25.3*1 H3.5 CS-J-84 21.8*30*0.6 CS-J-119 28*42*0.6 CS-J-154 50*50*3
CS-J-15 12*18.5*0.6-H3.8 CS-J-50 18*29*1 H3.5 CS-J-85 22*30*2 CS-J-120 28*44*0.6 H6 CS-J-155 55*18*2
CS-J-16 12*18*0.6-H3.8 CS-J-51 18*29.5*1 H3 CS-J-86 22*28*1 H3.4 CS-J-121 28*64*1 CS-J-156 75*18*2
CS-J-17 12*18.5*1 CS-J-52 18*26*1 H3 CS-J-87 22*28*0.6 H3.4 CS-J-122 28*72*1 CS-J-157 100*100*1
CS-J-18 12*18.5*0.6 CS-J-53 18*26*0.6 H3 CS-J-88 22*28*1 CS-J-123 29*33*1.3 CS-J-158 100*100*2
CS-J-19 12.7*16.5*1.8 H-3.8 CS-J-54 18*26*0.6 H3.5 CS-J-89 22*28*0.6 CS-J-124 30*38*1 H3.5 CS-J-159 100*100*3
CS-J-20 13*19*0.6 CS-J-55 18.5*25*0.6 H3.8 CS-J-90 22*25*1 H3.6 CS-J-125 30*40*1 H3.5 CS-J-160 120*160*2
CS-J-21 14*18*3 H-3.4 CS-J-56 18.5*27*0.6 H3.8 CS-J-91 22*25*0.6 H3.1 CS-J-126 30*43*0.6 H4.5 CS-J-161 120*160*3
CS-J-22 14*19*2 H3.5 CS-J-57 19*23*2 H3.7 CS-J-92 22*25*1 H3.1 CS-J-127 32*50*1 CS-J-162 120*160*4
CS-J-23 14*20*1H3.2/3.5 CS-J-58 20*23*0.6 CS-J-93 22*22*0.6 H3 CS-J-128 32*60*1 CS-J-163 120*160*6
CS-J-24 14*20*0.6H-3.2 CS-J-59 20*26*1 H3.3 CS-J-94 22*35*1 CS-J-129 33*53*1.3 CS-J-164 160*160*1
CS-J-25 14*20*1 CS-J-60 20*2*1 H4 CS-J-95 22*35*1.5 H3.5 CS-J-130 33*73*1.3 CS-J-165 160*160*0.6
CS-J-26 14*20*0.6 CS-J-61 20*26*1 CS-J-96 23*34*1 H3.2 CS-J-131 33.6*51.4*0.8 H5 CS-J-166 D50*2-circle
CS-J-27 14*20*2 CS-J-62 20*26*0.6 CS-J-97 24*30*1 CS-J-132 33.6*51.4*2 H5 CS-J-167 D50*2.5-circle
CS-J-28 14*20*2 H3.2 CS-J-63 20*25*1 H4 CS-J-98 24*35.5*1 CS-J-133 34*64*0.6 CS-J-168 50*3-circle
CS-J-29 15*19.5*1 H3.8 CS-J-64 20*25*0.6 H4 CS-J-99 24*40*0.6 CS-J-134 34*39*0.6
CS-J-30 15*2*2.4 CS-J-65 20*25*1 H3.8 CS-J-100 24*60*1 CS-J-135 35*48*1 H5.5
CS-J-31 16*21*2.5 H3.5 CS-J-66 20*25*0.6 H3.8 CS-J-101 24*70*0.6 CS-J-136 35*68*1
CS-J-32 16*22*0.6 H3.3 CS-J-67 20*25*1 H3.2 CS-J-102 24*72*1 CS-J-137 35*45*1
CS-J-33 16*22*0.6 H4 CS-J-68 20*25*1 CS-J-103 24*90*0.6 CS-J-138 35*85*0.6
CS-J-34 16*22*0.6 H3.7 CS-J-69 20*25*0.6 CS-J-104 24*95*1 CS-J-139 38*38*0.6
CS-J-35 16*46*1 CS-J-70 20*25*2 CS-J-105 24*125*1 CS-J-140 38*50*0.6

OEM/ODM is acceptable. Your goods will be produced exactly according to your drawings or inquiry

How to make alumina ceramic substrate?

Drawing of TO-220, TO-247,TO-264, TO-3P


1. High-power power semiconductor module;Semiconductor refrigerator and electronic heater;Power control circuit, power hybrid circuit.

2. Intelligent power module;High frequency switching power supply, solid state relay.

3. Automotive electronics, aerospace and military electronic components.

4. Solar panel components;Telecommunication private exchange, receiving system;Laser and other industrial electronics.

5.Alumina Ceramic Substrate for LED Ceramic Suite, Printers,Direct Bonding Copper.


Technical Characteristic Unit 96% Al2O3 99% Al2O3
Physical Characteristics Bulk density g/cm3 3.6 3.9
Heat Resistance 1400 1650
Water absorption % 0 0
Mechanical Characteristics Flexural strength Mpa 340 360
Hardness Vickers Gpa 13.5 15.6
Elastic modulus Gpa 320 370
Poisson’s ratio - 0.23 0.23
Thermal Characteristics Linear expansion coefficient (20-500) 10-6/ 7.2 8
Thermal conductivity w/(m.k) 24 32
Specific Heat *10-3J/(kg*K) 0.78 0.9
Electrical Characteristics Dielectric constant (1MHZ) - 9.4 9.9
Dielectric loss angle *10-4 5 1
Dielectric strength *106V/m 15 15


Q1. What information should we supply to get a quote?

Please offer the specification of ceramic substrates, such as shape, dimension, quantity, application etc.

Q2. What types of alumina substrates are available?

Alumina substrates are available in a variety of types, including uncoated, coated, and laser-etched. The type of substrate used will depend on the application and the desired properties.

Q3: What is the difference between alumina substrates and other ceramic substrates?

Alumina substrates have higher electrical insulation than other ceramic substrates, such as beryllium oxide or aluminum nitride. They also have higher thermal conductivity and better mechanical stability than other substrates.

Q4. What is the lead time for the alumina substrates?

The lead time for the alumina substrates is dependent on the size and quantity required. Please contact us for more information.

How to clean alumina substrate

1. First, wipe the substrate with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.

2. Use a soft bristle brush and a mild detergent solution to scrub the substrate.

3. Wash the substrate with clean water, and then dry it with a soft cloth.

4. Ensure that the substrate is dry when used next time.

Quality testing standards

1. Visual inspection of the substrate for any signs of damage or irregularities.

2. Measurement of the length, width, and thickness of the substrate to check for accuracy.

3. Checking for any pinhole defects in the substrate.

4. Verification of the material and chemical composition of the substrate.

Packing way

Production Process

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