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Silicon Carbide Gasket
Silicon Carbide Gasket ( Sic Gasket) with hole for pumps Silicon Carbide Gasket ( Sic Gasket) with hole for pumps Silicon Carbide Gasket ( Sic Gasket) with hole for pumps Silicon Carbide Gasket ( Sic Gasket) with hole for pumps Silicon Carbide Gasket ( Sic Gasket) with hole for pumps

Silicon Carbide Gasket ( Sic Gasket) with hole for pumps

Silicon carbide is an excellent ceramic material for applications requiring with good erosion and abrasive resistance.
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  • Material : Silicon Carbide

  • Purity : 99%

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Silicon Carbide Gasket ( Sic Gasket) 

Silicon Carbide Gasket Description

Silicon carbide is an ideal material for pump gaskets. Silicon carbide gaskets have excellent corrosion resistance, great mechanical strength under high temperatures, and great wear resistance. Silicon carbide gaskets have great mechanical properties. Carbon impregnated silicon carbide materials effectively improve self-lubrication.

CS Ceramic supplies silicon carbide gaskets processed by sintering and reaction bonding to fulfill various requirements of our customers. We can deliver both flat silicon carbide gaskets and custom manufactured silicon carbide gaskets with complex shapes.

Silicon Carbide Gasket Properties

Type Material Description
Sintered Silicon Carbide (S-SiC) SMB1 Basic pure SiC Purity of SiC > 98%
Hv:26 Gpa
SMG1 Graphite  impregnated 15%~20% content of Graphite
SMP1 Porous Better friction resistance
Reaction Bonded SiliconCarbide (RB-SiC) SMB2 Basic SiC Purity of SiC > 88%
SMG2 Graphite impregnated 20%~30% content of Graphite

Sic Gasket Specifications

Item OD (mm ID mm) Thickness (mm) Purity
CS-THG-DQ001 25 15 15 99
CS-THG-DQ002 28 20 9 99
CS-THG-DQ003 31 17 10 99
CS-THG-DQ004 36.5 30 4.5 99
CS-THG-DQ006 50 46 8 99
CS-THG-DQ007 50 11.5 3 99
CS-THG-DQ008 50 30 8 99
CS-THG-DQ009 51 9 2.5 99
CS-THG-DQ010 20.5 14 5 99
CS-THG-DQ011 62 50 15 99
CS-THG-DQ012 65 40 10 99
CS-THG-DQ013 68 48 20 99
CS-THG-DQ014 90 72 8.5 99
CS-THG-DQ015 200 140 30 99
CS-THG-DQ016 260 200 45 99
CS-THG-DQ017 370 320 25 99
CS-THG-DQ018 430 400 8.5 99
CS-THG-DQ019 500 470 20 99
CS-THG-DQ020 500 160 16 99

Silicon Carbide Gasket Application 
1)Silicon carbide can be applied in areas such as semiconductor and coating.
2)Silicon carbide is an ideal material for pump gaskets.

Gasket Features 
1)Wear resistance;
2)Thermal shock resistance;
3)Corrosion resistance of acid and alkali;
4)Good mechanical properties;
5)Low friction coefficient;
6)High load capacity;


Packing & Delivery
CS’s Silicon Carbide Gasket is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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Requirements for Customization

1. If there are drawings, please send drawings (CAD,PDF, hand sketch), etc.   

2. Specify the size, quantity, thickness and other specifications.                      

3. Determine the processing technology (simple cutting, drilling, to map custom parts, grinding, milling saw cutting.

4. Pay according to the actual quotation.

Note: If the size requirements are particularly accurate, please explain to customer service. Because there are certain tolerances in normal process standards such as cutting, grinding and drilling, please explain in advance if there are precision requirements for irregular parts.

Use/Maintenance Methods

1. The storage site of sic refractory board must be kept dry and away from moisture.

2. The placement of sic refractory board should avoid plane stacking, and the upright arrangement method should be adopted.

3. The surface of sic refractory board is sprayed with alumina refractory coating, so it should be placed at the edge of the kiln before use.

4. In order to ensure that the sic refractory board is used for a long time without damage, the fired articles should be placed dry and then installed in the kiln.

5. glaze after the product, contact with the refractory board part of the glaze should be wiped clean.

6. When constructing the refractory board, the refractory pillar should be kept vertical and straight to ensure uniform and smooth stress.

7. The distance of the refractory board should be greater than 15-20mm.

8. The design of the firing curve should be in line with the normal operating conditions, and should not be rapid hot and cold.

9. cooling should be used to cool, avoid the use of cold air rapid cooling, and affect the refractory board.

10. carefully handle the kiln, avoid handling by hand in high temperature, and avoid collision. 


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