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Mettler Aluminum crucible sample pans ME-51119810
20μl Aluminum crucible light for Mettler Toledo ME-51119810

20μl Aluminum crucible light for Mettler Toledo ME-51119810

ME-51119810 Aluminum crucibles  sample pans  for Mettler DSC and TGA measurements .Thermal Analyzer Sample Pan for

thermogravimetric analyzer .Manufacturer for  Mettler Toledo crucibles and sample pans .

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  • Suitable for : Mettler

  • Material : Aluminum

  • Part NO : ME-51119810

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Product Item: 20μl Aluminum crucible light for Mettler Toledo ME-51119810

Item info :

Type Sample pan /crucible
Suitable for Mettler 
Part NO ME-51119810
Volume μL 20 μL
Pin Without
Llid  With
Material Aluminum 
Temperature range Room temperature to 600℃
QTY/PKG 100PCS/BOX  ; 400 PCS/BOX  (Both available)

The light aluminum pan gives the shortest signal time constant, especially when using helium as a purge gas. The pan is particularly suitable for measuring polymer films, disks and powders – the samples are pressed down tightly against the base of the pan. It is less

suitable for liquid samples because liquids might be squeezed out of the pan on sealing.

The narrow space between the pan and the lid leads to the formation of a self-generated atmosphere. Piercing the lid beforehand allows contact with the atmosphere. A special die set is required for the crucible sealing press.

Usage :

Aluminum crucible for DSC measurements-it is very shallow (low in height)and has a strong flat base(this ensures that temerature gradients are as low as possible)

Aluminum sample pan and cover: applicable for non-volatile solid sample, like polymer and medicine. It’s widely used for melting, crystallization and vitrifaction test of polymer and thermoplasticity material; Sample vessel is bayonet type, not sealed.

Notice :

To ensure heat transfer efficiency between sample and sensor, please select quality sample pan/crucible with suitable temperature range to conduct experiment, so to get the most accurate effect.

Quality sample pan and crucible is helpful to expand DSC application range. With more sample put in large sized sample pan/crucible to measure weak thermal effect, and to get better resolution, light sample pan/crucible with better thermal conductivity can be used.

Shipping:    We do international shipping for clients.       

Special offer:  Most of our crucibles are produced to OEM order, please mark clearly height, bottom diameter, top diameter, wall thickness and any special requirements i.e. lips etc. To speed up quotations please supply a drawing and if appropriate, the name of the system in which they are to be used.


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