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Porcelain Crucible Unglazed
1300 Unglazed  Porcelain Crucible Laboratory Consumables

1300 Unglazed Porcelain Crucible Laboratory Consumables

1. Capacity: 500ml / 750ml / 1000ml / 1300ml /5000ml.

2. Unglazed ceramic porcelain crucibles could satisfied different testing requirement.

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  • Descriptiion : Unglazed Porcelain Crucible

  • Size : 1300 ML

  • Material : Porcelain

  • Ship way : by express/air/sea

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Product Item: 1300 Unglazed  Porcelain Crucible Laboratory Consumables

Crucibles and their lids are made of a ceramic that can withstand high temperatures. The crucible is used to heat chemicals (usually solids) to high temperatures. This may be necessary to dry a solid completely, or to initiate a reaction outside of solution.

Product size:

Item NO. Rim diam.(mm) Bottom  diam.(mm) Height(mm)
1300 140 85 160

Physical Parameters:
Acid resistance: more than 99.5%
Alkali resisitance: more than 97%
Temperature resistance: 1380 degrees celsius for unglazed
Wear resistance:  less than 0.03g/cm2
Moh's hardness:  7 grade
Water absorption rate: less than 0.5%
Bulk density: 2.2-2.7g/cm3
Compressive strength: more than 300Mpa
Breaking strength: more than 40 Mpa
Thermal stability: 1050 degree celsius to room temperature

More dimension:

Item NO. Capacity(ml) Rim diam.(mm) Bottom  diam.(mm) Height(mm)
5000 5000 165 100 265
1300 1300 140 85 160
1000 1000 135 80 150
750 750 115 65 150
500 500 105 65 170

Special offer:      Most of our crucibles are produced to order, please mark clearly height, bottom diameter, top diameter, wall thickness and any special requirements i.e. lips etc. To speed up quotations please supply a drawing and if appropriate, the name of the system in which they are to be used.

More lab ceramic consumables, such as Porcelain crucible with lid, Combustion tube, Spotting plate, ash crucibles and so on, please contact my us freely.


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