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 alumina crucible
Point Bottom Alumina Crucible Point Bottom Alumina Crucible Point Bottom Alumina Crucible Point Bottom Alumina Crucible

Point Bottom Alumina Crucible

Point Bottom Crucible. Available in recrystallised Alumina (99.5%).Good corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance,good thermal shock, no easy to crack,high slip casting density.
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  • Material : Alumina ceramic

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Point Bottom Alumina Crucible

Usage Information of 99% Alumina Crucibles:

1.The crucible should be dried in an oven at a temperature of about 105°C for 120 minutes to remove moisture before first use.

2.Do not heat it directly with gasoline gun, acetylene gun or alcohol torch to prevent cracking due to uneven heating of the crucible.

3.Avoid quick heating up and cooling down. Heating temperature ≤1200 ℃,the rate of temp change should be <5 ℃ / min; Heating temperature >1200 ℃,the rate of temp change should be <4 ℃ / min.It is recommended that cool the temperature down with electricity powering on, otherwise the crucible may crack due to quick cooling down of oven if the electricity turned off.

4.The distance between the product and the heating elements (such as carbon tube, silicon molybdenum rod or heating wire, etc.) should be >2cm.

5.It is recommended to use a pad, which is made of corundum substances and other temperature-resistant substances(available in our store) to underlay the crucible to allow the air flow freely. In this way, the service life of crucibles can be prolonged.

Size details: 

Item NO. Cylinder external height (mm) Total external height (mm) Total internal height (mm) Bottom outer diameter (mm) Top inner diameter (mm) Top outer diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm)
CS-SS-001 70 81.3 69.5 10.4 7.7 10.9 1.6
CS-SS-002 122 138 131 13.1 10.3 13.6 1.5
CS-SS-003 63.5 77.6 62.8 18 14.3 18.2 1.8
CS-SS-004 90 104 89 14.2 11 14.5 1.6
CS-SS-005 76.6 97.8 76.3 24 20.7 24.4 1.8
CS-SS-006 124 138 124 17.8 13.1 17.8 2.2
CS-SS-007 113.5 129.5 112.3 24.5 20.7 25.2 2.1
CS-SS-008 24 34 23 10 6 10 2
CS-SS-009 70 85 69.5 15 12 15 1.5
CS-SS-010 66 77 66 12 9 12 1.5
CS-SS-011 80 94 79.5 9.5 7.5 9.5 1
CS-SS-012 72 102 71 10 7.2 10 1.4
CS-SS-013 45 60 45 12.5 9.7 12.5 1.4


Main purpose of crucible and boats is as a container for analysis and firing of material and product applied in various industries. For example: analysis of coal, melting of the metal, analysis and firing of chemical raw materials, analysis and melting of glass, analysis and firing of rare earth  materials and mineral,firing of high temperature items such as ceramic products and melting of single-crystal raw materials.


1.High alumina purity, Al2O3 90% 95% 99% 99.5% 99.7% for choose,good corrosion resistance.

2.High temperature resistance, 1600 in long use,1800 in short use.

3.Good thermal shock, no easy to crack.

4.High slip casting density.

Parameters of Alumina Ceramic:

Item Test Condition 95% Al2O3 99% Al2O3 99.5% Al2O3
Physical properties Density g/cm3 >3.6 3.89 3.96
Moisture absorption % 0 0 0
Mechanical properties ROHS Hardness ≥85 ≥89 ≥89
Flexural strength psiX103 20℃ 358 550 550
Compressive strength psiX103 20℃ 2068(300) 2600(377) 2600(377)
Fracture toughness Mpa.m3/2 K(l c) 4.3 5.6 6
Thermal properties Maximum use temperature 1450 1600 1650
Thermal expansion coefficient 1X10-6/℃ (25-1000℃) 7.6 7.9 8.2
Thermal shock resistance Tc 250 200 200
Thermal conductivity w/mok 20℃ 16 30 30.4
Electrical properties Volume resistivity Ohm/cm2 100℃ >1013 >1014 >1014
Dielectric breakdown strength KV/mm 8.7(220) 8.7(220) 8.7(220)
Dielectric constant (E) 1MHz25℃ 9 9.7 9.7
Dielectric constant (100MHz) (E) 9.5

Production Process:


Our Certificate:



Q1. What information should we supply to get a quote?

Please offer the specification of ceramic boat for furnace, such as shape, dimension, quantity, application etc.

Q2. What type or material should we choose?

If you are not sure about the type/material needed, please kindly supply more details about working condition and application. Then our technical staff will check and offer you the most suitable type or material.

Q3. How can we place an order?

You can contact any sale person by email, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat and so on.

And more details of the products you supplied will be helpful to get the targeted responses. 

Q4. How long our order can be finished?

A mass of semi-finished products and standard sizes are available in stock, and according to the final confirm with the sales for bulk production or customized products. 

Q5. What do you do on quality control?

For every batch, each step and finished products will be inspected when producing by QC department.

Q6. How can we get the sample?

Free samples can be supplied after communication, but freight is for your account.

Q7. Can you accept OEM/ODM?

Yes, your goods will be produced exactly according to your drawings or inquiry.

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    Point Bottom Alumina Crucible CS-SS-001
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