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Carbon Sulfur Crucible
   Item Name :

Tin and Iron Accelerators

Tin and Iron Accelerators
   Item No. : CS-011
   Product Category : Carbon Sulfur Crucible
   Size : 20-40mesh
   Hits : 1286
   Chemical Analysis : Fe≧99.8%
   Introduction :

Alpha Part Number LECO® Part Number Eltra Part Number Description
Ar076 501-076 90280 Tin Accelerator 2lbs
Ar695 762-695   Tin Accelerator 25lbs
Ar077 501-077 90260 Iron Chip Accelerator 2lbs
Ar467 763-467   Iron Chip Accelerator 25lbs
Ar263 501-263   Copper Metal Accelerator 3lbs
Ar366 501-640   Copper Metal Accelerator 25lbs
Ar078 501-078   Iron Powder 1lb
Ar468     Iron Powder 25lb

Shipping:               We do international shipping for clients
Special offer:      Most of our crucibles are produced to order, please mark clearly height, bottom diameter, top diameter, wall thickness and any special requirements i.e. lips etc. To speed up quotations please supply a drawing and if appropriate, the name of the system in which they are to be used.

Please use the drawing below for reference when you Request A CS CERAMIC Quote.

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