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What should pay attention to when use alumina products?
Post Time : 2013-12-4 17:06:26    Hits : 917      Article Source : CS Ceramic   

What should pay attention to when use alumina products?

  • Alumina products are fragile. Please handle them carefully and avoid collision during unpacking, transportation, handling and cleaning.
  • Check whether any micro-cracks exist before using alumina products. Products with micro-cracks should not be used.
  • Alumina products should be completely dry before usage. If they get wet, let the crucible or tube dry naturally before using them. If dry crucibles by placing in a dryer or oven, make sure that the dry process goes slowly.
  • Do not load too many materials in alumina crucibles, which can increase the possibility of uneven heating.
  • Alumina crucibles are sensitive to thermal shock. Try to warm up the furnace chamber slowly. A heating rate of 150°C/hour is recommended for the first 1-1.5 hours so that the crucibles can be evenly heated to reduce the impact of thermal shock. It usually takes about 3 hours to increase to high temperature.
  • Lower the temperature as gradually as possible. The cooling down rate is often half of the heating rate. If possible, arrange for consecutive heating of furnace to maintain a hot crucible. If taking the crucibles out of furnace into room temperature to pour the melted material, try to control the process as short as possible.
  • Avoid contact of heated alumina products with a cold surface. Use insulation materials as support of alumina crucibles.
  • Alumina crucibles should not be heated by torch or furnaces that cannot control temperature change rate. The uneven heating can cause crack.

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