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The future of Ceramics
Post Time : 2013-11-8 13:33:39    Hits : 1370      Article Source : CS Ceramic   

The future of Ceramics

High temperature superconductors will open the doors to magnetic levitation vehicles, cheap electricity, and improved MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). With micro-applications of superconductors through thin film tapes in sensors and memory storage devices, the use of superconductors will take-off.

The automobile industry, which already incorporates seventy pounds of ceramics into a car, is looking to the field of ceramics to provide improved sensors of motion, gas compositions, electrical and thermal changes; as well as light weight, high strength and high temperature components for the engines. For the conservation of energy and environmental protection, ceramics seem to be a viable possibility in the use of ceramic fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaic cells, and fiber optic transmission of energy.

Besides the ceramic applications in medical diagnostic instruments, the field of bioceramics for bone replacement and chemotherapy release capsules is here. As ceramic materials improve in terms of strength, nonreactivity, compatibility, longevity, porosity for tissue growth, and lower costs, more use of ceramic devices will be seen.

Now, CS Ceramic CO.,Ltd provide the complete size and kinds of metallurgy analysis crucibles and  laboratory porcelain consumables, we believe ceramic industry will have a better future.

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