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Infrared gas analyzer
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                                       Infrared gas analyzer

1. For most instruments, the products of burning gases are loaded into the analysis system through oxygen with constant flow, and the gas flows over the infrared pool, such as LUFT model. Measure the absorption degree of carbon dioxide and/or the carbon monoxide to the infrared radiation here, after integrating of scheduled time, the signal will be amplified or converted into the mass fraction of carbon.

2. Some instruments collect the burning products into the oxygen with certain volume and certain pressure to analyze the carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide in the compound.

3. The electronic control device is usually used to adjust instrument zero point, compensate for blank, adjust the gradient of calibration curve and calibrate non-linear responses. The analyzer can usually enter the mass of standard sample or test material so as to automatically calibrate the outlet results; besides, this instrument can be equipped with incorporate automatic scales to weigh the far infrared carbon sulfur crucible and test the samples and transmit the mass readings to the computer.

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