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infrared carbon sulfur analyzer
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 infrared carbon sulfur analyzer


1. High-frequency infrared carbon-sulfur analyzer combustion furnace includes inductance coil and radio-frequency generator, with quartz tube installed in the furnace chamber(in external diameter of 30mm~40mm, inner diameter of 26mm~36mm, and length of 00mm~220mm), placed in the inductance coil, there is a mental plate between the upper end and lower end of the quartz tube, which is connected to the quartz tube with O -ring.

2. Input and output gas flows over the metal.

3. The apparent power of the high-frequency infrared carbon-sulfur analyzer high-frequency generator is usually 1.5Kva~2.5Kva, as the frequency differs from manufacturers, 2MHz~6MHz and 15MHz~20MHz both have been used. The high-frequency generator supplies power to inductance coil, whereas the coil is around the quartz tube. The high-frequency generator is usually cooling off by air.

4. Place the far infrared carbon sulfur crucible containing original sample and cosolvent on the base stem to be positioned precisely so that after it is arising, the crucible with metal installed can exactly be placed inside the inductance coil. In this way, good coupling effect can be realized when connecting to power.

5. The coupling degree is determined by the diameter and lap number of inductance coil, geometric dimension of the furnace camber as well as the power of high-frequency generator, and these parameters is decided by the manufacturer.

6. The temperature reached in the burning process is partially determined by the parameters in 5, whereas it is also determined by the metal property, the shape of test material, the material quality in the far infrared carbon sulfur crucibles and these parameters can be chosen by the operator in a certain extent.

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