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  TA Tzero® DSC Sample Encapsulation Press    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 287
TA Tzero® DSC Sample Encapsulation Press A key contributor to the quality of DSC results is the sample preparation. The new Tzero press takes sample encapsulation to...  [MORE]
  TA Tzero® Cell Design    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 154
TA Tzero® Cell Design The Tzero cell is designed for excellence in both heating and cooling. The heat flow sensor is machined for symmetry from a single piece of du...  [MORE]
  TA Q20 (Q20, AQ20, Q20P)    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 217
TA  Q20 (Q20, AQ20, Q20P) The Q20 (Q20, AQ20, Q20P) is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, general-purpose DSC module, with calorimetric performance superior to many com...  [MORE]
  ta Q2000    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 117
ta  Q2000 The Q2000 is a research-grade DSC with superior performance in baseline flatness, precision,  sensitivity, and resolution. Advanced Tzero® ...  [MORE]
  Ampoules and Consumables: Solution Calorimeter    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 154
Ampoules and Consumables: Solution Calorimeter 2225-130 Reaction Vessel, Glass, 25 mL, with Bridge Plugs 2225-110 Reaction Vessel, Glass, 100 mL, with Bridge Plugs 2226...  [MORE]
  Other Consumables and Accessories: 4 mL Calorimeters    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 152
Other Consumables and Accessories:  4 mL Calorimeters 2421-032 Hygrostat, Micro, 0.2 mL (pkg. of 100) 2421-033 Hygrostat, Micro, 0.3 mL (pkg. of 100) 2252-460 Lifti...  [MORE]
  Static Ampoules and Consumables: 4 mL Calorimeters    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 205
Static Ampoules and Consumables:  4 mL Calorimeters 2277-301.3 Ampoule, Hastelloy, 4 mL, with Threaded Cap (pkg. of 2) 2277-301 Ampoule, Stainless Steel, 4 mL, wit...  [MORE]
  TAM Air Accessories    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 266
TAM Air Accessories 3350-2 TAM AIR, Start-Up Kit, 20 mL 605160.901 TAM AIR, Start-Up Kit 125 mL Disposable Glass Ampoule 604579.901 TAM AIR, Start-Up Kit 125 mL Disposa...  [MORE]
  microcalorimetry - TAM Systems    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 205
microcalorimetry - TAM Systems TAM III Accessories 320101 Lifting Tool, Nanocalorimeter 320140 Lifting Tool, Nanocalorimeter, for Heat Seal Ampoule 320601 Lifting Tool, ...  [MORE]
  Aluminum crucible standard 40μL crucible with lid    Post Time : 2016-07-19  Hits : 188
Aluminum crucible standard 40μL crucible with lid -CS Ceramic CO.,Ltd a)40μL crucibles with lids, set of 100 pcs, without pin ME-00026763 with pin, ME-00027331  ...  [MORE]
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