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  Alumina crucible of capacity 30μl for mettler    Post Time : 2016-08-06  Hits : 373
Alumina crucible of capacity 30μl for mettler Alumina crucible with high purity, capacity 30μl , diameter 6mm, height 2.6mm. ...  [MORE]
  Alumina crucible with lid of capacity 900μl,ME-51119960    Post Time : 2016-08-06  Hits : 338
Alumina crucible with lid of capacity 900μl,ME-51119960 Aluminum oxide crucibles for measurements up to 1600°C     Large volume – increases the sensitivi...  [MORE]
  Alumina crucible with capcaitiy 150μl, ME-00024124    Post Time : 2016-08-06  Hits : 356
Alumina crucible with capcaitiy 150μl, ME-00024124 Alumina crucibles are normally used for TGA measurements. These crucibles can be reused. Stale quality, exact testi...  [MORE]
  Alumina crucible medium - Material Number(s) 00024123 or Me-00024123    Post Time : 2016-08-06  Hits : 290
Alumina crucible medium - Material Number(s) 00024123 or Me-00024123 Choosing the right crucible guarantees the best results.We offer a wide variety of crucibles that s...  [MORE]
  TA DSc aPPliCatioNS    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 313
TA DSc aPPliCatioNS Transition Temperatures DSC provides rapid and precise determinations of transition temperatures using minimum amounts of a sample. Common temperatur...  [MORE]
  MDSC® Technology Provides    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 270
MDSC® Technology Provides:  Separation of complex transitions into more easily interpreted  components • Incr...  [MORE]
  Tzero® Technology Provides    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 228
Flat reproducible baselines with better than an order of magnitude improvement on competitive designs, especially in the suba...  [MORE]
  TA Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 288
TA Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System The Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System (LNCS) provides the highest performance and greatest flexibility in cooling. It has the lowest oper...  [MORE]
  Refrigerated Cooling Systems (RCS90 and RCS40)    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 661
Refrigerated Cooling Systems (RCS90 and RCS40) The RCS is frequently selected as the preferred cooling device by thermal analysts for trouble-free, unattended DSC and MD...  [MORE]
  TA Photocalorimeter    Post Time : 2016-07-28  Hits : 279
TA PhotocalorimeterThe Photocalorimeter Accessory (PCA), for the Q2000 DSC, permits characterization of photocuring materials between -50 and 250°C. UV/Visible light (250...  [MORE]
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